The town of Ásotthalom, which was invaded by illegal immigrants during the summer unveiled a statue of Archangel Gabriel

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A statue of Archangel Gabriel was unveiled in Ásotthalom by the Mayor of the Town László Toroczkai and sculptor Klára Tóbias. The monument stands as a symbol of divine power that helped the town during the difficult times of the summer of 2015 when Ásotthalom was invaded by illegal immigrants.

The new public statue has been erected in the center of the town from public donations. The mayor hopes that the artwork enriches Ásotthalom's cultural scene and becomes a true symbol of the municipality as it also represents national values.

During the summer of 2015, Ásotthalom was under siege by migrants that came from Serbia by tens of thousands as the municipality was a major entry point into the European Union.

People smugglers shipped busloads of migrants to the town every day creating chaotic situation in the entire region and upsetting the lives of residents to the point where the disorder threatened to completely paralyze the life of the municipality.

The construction of a border fence on the Hungarian – Serbian border that Mayor László Toroczkai advocated from day one, changed all that in the blink of an eye and life in Ásotthalom returned to normal.

Today, the town is peaceful and quiet and nothing reminds residents to the chaos that ruled the municipality during the summer, as the border is hermetically sealed and protected by the constant presence of border guards.

(Note: The poem, which is recited in the video is so beautiful that I would be happy to post it if some adventurous translator out there could render it to English.)



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