Germans don't trust the corporate media

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The coverup of sexual assaults in Cologne at New Year's Eve by police was a turning point in German public opinion; the people suddenly realized that the corporate media can't be trusted because the government maintains a strict control over news broadcasts, especially, when the reports deal with ideologically sensitive content like the migration crisis.

Just three weeks ago, the former Director of ZDF Television network Wolfgang Herles told Deutschlandfunk radio that the German government maintains strict control over the media under the guise of freedom of the press.

According to the former director, corporate media outlets receive detailed instructions "from above" and they must work under those guidelines.

Herles told to the radio station that the German media follow those guidelines obediently while pretending to be independent.

As a result, journalism as a whole has been discredited, and the general public automatically regards news reports as lies even those that may be actually true.

This distrust in news reports is the the result of the brutal media censorship that prevents ideologically embarrassing content from being disseminated among the general public.

The former director of the ZDF had this to say: "Today we can't publish any negative information on refugees. This censorship led to the situation when people no longer trust us."

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