Hungarian media reporting that Romania plans to build a refugee camp close to the Hungarian border

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Romania is planning to build a refugee camp thirty kilometers from the Hungarian border, near Tasnád. If the project goes ahead as planned, the Szatmár County town would host six hundred, mainly Syrian migrants despite the fact that the leaders of the municipality and the residents of the town strongly opposing the plan reported "Magyar Idők" on Thursday.

RMDSZ Member of Parliament Gábor Kereskényi told the Hungarian news portal that Romanian government officials have not informed the municipality in advance of the planned project.

"As soon as we've learned about the plan we've issued a protest and an action plan was launched; we've already managed to gather thousands of signatures against the proposal. I've submitted an interpellation to the minister of interior, but I have not received an official response yet" said the RMDSZ politician.

According to Kereskényi, Szatmár county's geographic location does not justify the construction of the refugee camp, since it is more than 500 kilometers from the southwest border where the refugees are expected to enter Romania.

"The best solution would be to build a fence at the specified section of the border. Perhaps it is still not too late to rethink the project because the influx of refugees is not going to subside anytime soon," opined the RMDSZ politician.

The Romanian ministry of interior abandoned the plan to build a refugee camp near the border with Hungary reported the ministry website Thursday night.

According to the statement, after "careful investigation" of the proposal the ministry came to the conclusion that the military barracks that intended to house the migrants do not meet the requirements, and ordered authorities to stop preparations for renovating the buildings.

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