Hungarophobe trash-media enraged over gypsy jokes

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The liberal media enraged over two innocent gypsy jokes printed on high school students' math-test forms at Studium Generale educational institution.

A fun-loving teacher who prepared the test, in order to help students coping with exam stress included two gypsy jokes at the bottom of the test forms.

"What are the three words you don't want to hear from a Gypsy? - Good morning, neighbor!"

" How do you address to a gypsy wearing a suit? - Accused please rise!" contacted the educational institution to find out who prepared the test forms. One Studium Generale staff member was stunned when heard what happened. He told the journalist that the entire leadership of the school went skiing, and only a week or so they can respond.

Studium Generale student body posted the following message on its Facebook page.

"We are absolutely shocked to hear that racist jokes were included on some advanced math-test forms. Our values ​​diametrically opposed to any racist thoughts, behavior, or expression; in the spirit of social responsibility, we are fighting every day for social equality by offering free courses to students. We immediately ordered an internal investigation to swiftly find out what happened. Until the investigation completed, we can't provide more information on the matter."

The hypocritical liberal media-machine has not once spoken out against anti-Hungarian slurs in the hostile press; they even root for hate-mongers slandering Hungary at home, in the European Parliament or in other liberal controlled organizations while pretending outrage over two gypsy jokes.

The teacher who prepared the test has been suspended with immediate effect.

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