Hungary submits proposal to host the 2024 Olympic Games

Thursday, February 18, 2016

15 February 2016

Mr Thomas Bach
President of the International Olympic Committee
Château de Vidy
C.P. 356
CH–1007 Lausanne

Dear Mr President,
It is our sincere pleasure and privilege to present to you the first stage submission of our proposal to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in our beloved Capital City, on behalf of the National Government of Hungary, the Municipality of Budapest, the Hungarian Olympic Committee and the Budapest 2024 Bid Committee.

Hungary is a proud and passionate Olympic nation with 121 years of history and exemplary tradition. So high is the esteem and social recognition for our Olympians that our medallists and their coaches receive lifelong support from our Government. Our athletes have an exemplary record of sustained Games performance. Our desire to host the Games is reflected in our tireless campaign of five previous bids going back as far as 1916. More than ever, it is a national priority. The IOC can be assured that the Olympic Movement holds a special place in Hungary and that the Games in Hungary will be embraced by our citizens.

The Budapest Games concept is shaped by the vision set out in Olympic Agenda 2020. Completely aligned with our long-term development plans, it meets all the requirements of the IOC and Games stakeholders. The timing could not be more ideal for Hungary in 2024. It will be 35 years since our people celebrated their freedom. Hosting the Games would be the pinnacle of this historic process, symbolising all that freedom has come to mean to our people – aspiration, achievement, solidarity, peace and celebration. Budapest 2024 will provide the opportunity for a unique moment-in-time Games hosting partnership between the IOC and Hungary in a secure and safe environment.

Moreover, our responsible and sustainable plan has enabled us to garner the strongest political, popular and sporting support, especially from our young people for whom the Games will have the greatest impact.

Budapest presents the IOC an opportunity to engage with a city of global appeal. Benefiting from our “right sized” scale and capacity, a Games in Hungary will truly be the Games of a nation, with 90% of Hungarian people within 90 minutes of Olympic venues. More than this, Budapest would present a new city and country for the Games, and would put the region on the Olympic map for the benefit of the entire Olympic Movement creating strong and lasting legacy.

The enclosed Candidature File Stage 1: Vision, Games Concept and Strategy has our complete and united support. We look forward to the opportunity of elaborating our proposition during the second and third stages of the bidding process over the coming months.



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