Illegal immigrants are coming again

Friday, February 12, 2016

After several months of calm thousands of migrants streaming toward the Hungarian border from Serbia and entering the country by cutting through the technical barrier. The government sent significant reinforcement to the region, and Ásotthalom's wildlife officers are also active - they apprehend illegal intruders every day. If the invasion continues we could face once again seriously consequences in the coming months write Ásotthalom Mayor László Toroczkai on Facebook.

There is no doubt that people smugglers are involved in the surge of illegal immigration at the southern border. In the early morning hours today, wildlife officers captured a number of migrants near Ásotthalom - some of them shown in the photographs.

All intruders are single men and entered into the country by cutting through the border fence. I don't think that these violations of the Hungarian border can happen without the knowledge of Serbian authorities write Toroczkai.

MTI reported that on Wednesday 104 illegal immigrants were apprehended by police.

Chief Adviser of the Prime Minister on Homeland Security György Bakondi told M1 news that the surge of migrants at the Hungarian – Serbian border is expected as the weather is getting better.

In January more than 62 thousand migrants arrived in Europe, which is more than in June last year, and significantly more than in January last year.

The Hungarian border protection system is equipped with advanced technical devices, including thermal imagers, night vision equipment and technical barriers - the system is ready more than ever to face the pressure of mass migration said Bakondi.

None of the migrants that have been captured so far were Syrians, they are "undoubtedly economic immigrants" who do not want to choose the legal path to enter Europe write Toroczkai on Facebook.

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