Jobbik President Gábor Vona: Let's build bridges

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Jobbik President Gábor Vona called for national consultation in his state of the nation address in front of two thousand people.


The European Union is not in crisis, but it is declining. With the current common policy, and leaders the European Union won't be able to save the organization from collapsing.

We have to create a new Europe based on strong nation states built on mutual assistance and solidarity. However, if the European project fails, Hungary should not go under with the sinking boat. We must be prepared to stand on our own feet.

The Jobbik party wants to win the 2018 national election. It is in the process of implementing practical governance in three areas: the reunification of Hungarian society, the eradication of corruption and support of the poor.

Political division is part of reality therefore, we have to start building bridges toward each other over issues that divide us.

The Fidesz and the socialist party don't know how to build bridges and they don't even want to fix the system because both parties benefit from the fractured electoral landscape.

Jobbik is the only party that has the potential to unite right and left wing voters by encouraging them to build bridges to each other.

Our political culture is corrupt to the core. The governing party abuses its power. This arrogance stems from the the fact that the Fidesz party position itself above the people.

Jobbik believes in a strong state, but not a corrupt, arrogant and abusive state. PM Viktor Orbán has fought so much against socialism that now, he created a new socialist system.

Jobbik envisions a culture where citizens can enjoy independence and freedom, where nobody has to be afraid of expressing his/her opinion, even if the person opposing the governing party's policies.

Regarding the amendment of the constitution, Jobbik won't allow to the Fidesz to amend the basic law under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

Jobbik organizes a nationwide consultation campaign on corruption, and health and education issues. Vona believes that 2016 will be a year of consultation, 2017 will be the year of the drafting new programs, and in 2018 Jobbik will win the national elections.

Jobbik must be ready to deal with teacher's poor working condition, the curriculum overload in primary schools, graduate unemployment, and retraining the workforce. Also, Jobbik is prepared to attack taboo issues like segregation and integration, school violence, which in many cases involve sexual harassment.

Regarding health care, Vona warned that Hungary's family doctor system on the verge of collapse; paramedics' working conditions are worsening, hospital waiting lists are getting longer, and hospital care falling apart due to lack of equipment.

Vona announced that Jobbik will start a nationwide consultation campaign in mid-February.

We intend to shake up society; we won't campaign from armchairs, but hit the road.

The Jobbik president reminded that last year, Jobbik stopped attacking the Fidesz party to help defending the country (from migrants ed.); but the grace period is over, and the fight is on once again. Let's dust off our shoes, remove the sword from the wall and get ready for battle Vona said.

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