Saturday, February 27, 2016

According to news agency reports, a dramatic situation emerged in Greece on Saturday after the full closure of the Greek-Macedonian border. Athens newspapers reported this morning that more than 25 thousand refugees and migrants "wandering" in the country.

Large groups of migrants spotted marching north on Athens-Thessaloniki highway at night, many of whom spent the night under the open sky. According to latest reports, about 5,000 migrants waiting along the northern border to enter Macedonia.

Skai TV reported early this morning that registration centers and reception camps crammed with migrants. Parks in Athens, and Piraeus full of migrants; meanwhile, in the early morning hours nearly 500 migrants arrived in the city by ferry.

According to press reports, there are many children and old people among the migrants, some of them in need of medical help.

Most of the refugees are Syrians and Iraqis, but a substantial number of refugees from Afghanistan are also present among the newcomers, but they are no longer allowed to enter Macedonia said Red Cross officials.

Greek authorities called on the population to collect donations for the migrants.

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