New survey by "Századvég": 84 percent of the population reject the mandatory quota system

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The result of the survey shows that 84 percent of the adult population rejects the compulsory quota system that would allow the European Union to resettle migrants in Hungary without the consent of the Hungarian parliament; there is hardly any social or age group, where the' yes' votes dominate; even the majority of the left wing parties' core supporters (aka globalists) pledged to vote “no”.

The government announced on Wednesday that a referendum will be held on the compulsory resettlement quotas proposed by Brussels. According to the survey - regardless of the intent of participation - 84 percent of the voting age population would vote 'no' in the referendum. Only one tenth of respondents would vote "yes", and 6 percent of the population undecided.

The research, which is based on five hundred adult telephone interviews shows that there is hardly any social group in the country, which would support the mandatory quotas.

97 percent of Fidesz supporters, 89 percent of Jobbik supporters and 56 percent of socialist party supporters reject the mandatory quotas.

In Budapest, 78 percent, in rural towns 84 percent and in small settlements 89 percent of respondents pledged to vote against the mandatory quotas.

Among the 18-22 age group 73 percent, among the 23-30 age group 81 percent, among the 30-40 age group 75 percent, among the 40-50 age group 90 percent, among the 50-60 age group 83 percent and over the age of 60, 86 percent would reject the mandatory quotas.

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