PM Viktor Orbán: Secret Turkish-German pact has been concluded – half a million migrants will be brought to Europe from Turkey

Thursday, February 11, 2016

A secret agreement has been concluded between Germany and the Turkish state; as a result, half a million migrants will be shipped to Europe from the territory of Turkey. The migrants will be distributed among the member states on a mandatory basis said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in his opening speech at Fidesz faction meeting on Wednesday in Lillafüred adding that the pact now is in implementation phase.

The essence of the secret agreement to bring 4-500 thousand immigrants from Turkey to the territory of the European Union, and distribute them among member states on a mandatory basis.

According to the prime minister, the key task of the next period will be to fend off the Turkish-German pact adding that he was convinced that even the implementation of this secret agreement wouldn't stop the unprecedented migration pressure on Europe.

The Prime Minister understands that the pact has already been concluded, but for the time being they do not dare to make it public.

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János Lázár: We are prepared to protect the border

The migration pressure on Hungary this year will intensify said the Head of the Prime Minister's Office János Lázár on his Thursday's press conference in Budapest.

The EU making preparations to take in illegal immigrants from Turkey who then, will be arbitrarily distributed among member states. Hungary is therefore, preparing for a serious fight.

The government is already making preparations to construct a fence on the Hungarian - Romanian border.

Consultations with neighboring countries, regarding the migration crisis are not encouraging. The Turkey threatens to allow millions of migrants, who wish to travel to Europe to pass through its territory - reminded Lázár.

According to the government's assessment, 2016 will be a difficult year. We will be under constant pressure, which would require the formation of a united front, which can include the parliamentary parties, the armed forces and the police.

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