Ukrainian troops left their base to complain about poor living conditions

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

46 Ukrainian soldiers of a mechanized brigade left their base near Sirokij on Monday on foot to complain to the military prosecutor in Nyikolajevsk about their poor living conditions.

"We sleep in leaky tents virtually on the snow, there is no opportunity to take a shower, and our supply includes only canned food" said one of the soldiers.

Another soldier remarked that the mattresses infested with bed bugs, and troops are given expired drugs, while public donated aid have been taken away from the base.

The soldiers noted that the problems have been repeatedly reported to the commander of the base, but he had not responded to the complaints; therefore, they decided to go on foot to the military prosecutor to complain.

The military prosecutor met the soldiers and asked them to put their grievances in writing. He has promised to investigate the complaints and if violations are discovered, those responsible will be punished.

Following the meeting the soldiers were escorted to a room where they received food.

Military Attorney General Anatoly Matios announced in September 2015 that over the course of a year criminal proceeding were launched in 6430 cases for desertion and 190 proceedings were initiated against a total of 1040 draft dodgers.

An official of the Ukrainian Armed Forces responsible for mobilization said last summer when the sixth wave of mobilization was launched that almost 27 thousand draft dodgers were registered, which is nearly half of the total number of individuals conscripted into the army.

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