"Aid workers" may be guilty of the death of several migrants drowned in a river at the Macedonian - Greek border

Thursday, March 17, 2016

According to, it is possible, that "aid workers" played a major role in the dramatic river-crossing incident at the Greek - Macedonian border earlier the week, when about two thousand migrants crossed an icy river to enter Macedonian territory.

About two thousand migrants left Idomeni tent camp in Greece Monday morning and by bypassing the border fence entered Macedonian territory crossing a side branch of the Vardar river; but due to heavy rain the swollen river swept some or the migrants away. Twenty-three people were rescued alive from the flooding river, but three Afghanistani citizens drowned before rescue workers reached them.

According to, there are indications that the river-crossing incident that involved children and elderly women as well has been initiated by "aid-workers".

A number of photographs shot on the scene show volunteers handing out leaflets to residents of Idomeni refugee camp with precise instructions how to get to Macedonia.

The leaflets tell migrants that those who stay in Greece sooner or later will be deported to Turkey, but those who legally or illegally reach Europe, can remain on the land of their dreams.

As a result, one Austrian "aid-worker" was arrested on the scene. It is conceivable that Greek authorities turned a blind eye to the incident, as they were happy to get rid of as many uninvited guests as possible.

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