Demography Conference was held over the weekend in the Church of Homecoming in Budapest

Monday, March 7, 2016

The conference has been organized by the founder of "Give Birth to One More Child" Movement Edda Budáhazy, sister of György Budaházy that the Gyurcsany regime imprisoned on fabricated terrorism charges.

The conference attended by the former Head of the British National Party Nick Griffin, the Head of Italian Forza Nuouva Roberto Fiore, as well as Dr. Peter Raffai, Jobbik MPs Z. Kárpát Daniel, and Előd Novák, the Mayor of Ásotthalom László Toroczkai and Edda Budaházy.

During the event, two dozen Hungarophobe agent provocateurs demonstrated in front of the church to express their opposition to the conference that focused on the promotion of large families and ways of increasing of the birth rate of Hungarian families.

The winners of 2015 children folk song competition the Haraszti twins - Julcsi and Marcsi - also performed during the event. The twins have eight brothers and sisters.

Roberto Fiore’s speech

Nick Griffin’s speech

The agent provocateurs

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