German parish priest proposes converting Catholic churches into mosques

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Priest Rainer Maria Schliessler in front of the altar of the parish (Photo: Daniel von Loeper)

Not so long ago Saudi Arabia came up with a plan to build hundreds of mosques on the old continent for Muslim immigrants.

Today, one of Munich's leading priests Rainer Maria Schliessler proposed to convert a Catholic church into a mosque in the Bavarian capital and give it to muslim migrant as a gift so that they can "worship the common God of Christians and Muslims" - writes Berlin weekly newspaper Junge Freiheit.

Rainer Maria Schliessler who is a parish priest of the Isar shore St. Maximilian parish church since 1993 told to the press that the Roman Catholic Church should provide a temple for Muslims so that they can pray in the converted mosque comfortably.

St. Maximilian Church in Munich

We worship the same God as Muslims; in addition, it is a growing problem that our large churches have no enough worshipers. Why can't we give a church to the Muslims who can convert it into a mosque told the parish priest to Bavarian newspaper Münchner Abendzeitung.

In Germany people like Priest Rainer Maria Schliessler called "Gutmensch" (good man) - the official label for supporters of Muslim immigration.

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