Germany's immigration policy took a sharp turnaround

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bavaria's Prime Minister Horst Seehofer told Das Bild daily newspaper that Germany's immigration policy has taken a complete turnaround; the changes are not yet announced officially, because some leading politicians trying to avoid loss of face.

The Bavarian politician announced that the government has initiated an annual maximum migrant acceptance of 200 thousand for this year.

Seehofer said illegal immigration must be stopped at the European Union's external borders, but if migrants slip through the external borders, they must be stopped at the national borders.

The German politician believes that detention of migrants at the national borders is a more humane method of treating the newcomers than to let them in and later be expelled the destitute camp dwellers after making them wait for months to process their asylum applications.

According to Seehofer, the federal government took a complete turnaround in its migration policy and representatives of "Willkommenskultur have been working to bring this policy to the masses without letting the general public know the sharp reversal of the government's policy on immigration issues.

No German politician supports anymore the unconditional acceptance of illegal immigrants into the country, despite the shocking images about destitute migrants disseminated by the media.

Due to the nature of mass migration, the exact number of illegal immigrants in Germany is not yet known. According to recent data published by the Federal Statistics Office, in 2015, two million registered immigrants arrived in Germany. However, the interior ministry estimates that so far about 860 thousand migrants have left Germany and moved to other EU member states.

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