Globalist mob tried to disrupt PM Viktor Orbán's speech on National Holiday

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

About 50-60 people, supporters of former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany staged a noisy protest at the National Museum on the national holiday yesterday by chanting anti-government slogans and trying to disrupt the prime minister’s speech; meanwhile, their spiritual leader Ferenc Gyurcsany addressed to 30-40 people at the Pilvax café where the revolution started in 1848.

During the prime minister’s speech, thousands of teachers demonstrated at the parliament building demanding reform in the education system. Globalist agents and agitators thoroughly infiltrated the crowd trying to instigate an anti-government revolt among teachers.

The Hungarophobe globalist parties usually, look at the national holiday as an opportunity to spread anti-government propaganda and to stir up anti-government sentiments among the general public.

However, the national holiday proved once again that the globalists lack popular support among Hungarians, which make them even angrier when attacking the Orbán government.

The globlists are especially outraged over the government's anti-immigration policy; they can't digest the the fact that the Orbán government prevented third-world migrants from flooding the country.

The globalist opposition hates Hungarian culture and tradition that’s why they promote illegal immigration and smear the Hungarian nation whenever they get a chance to do so; their newspapers depict migrants as victims and Hungarians as heartless, racist bigots. Luckily, these agents of foreign powers represent only a tiny segment of society.

These nefarious anti-human forces now targeting the teachers by infiltrating among their ranks. They do their best to stir up anti-government sentiments among them by pretending to support their grievances; in fact, they insult the teachers’ intelligence by assuming that they are stupid enough to let their cause used as a propaganda weapon against the government. The overwhelming majority of Hungarians however, are smart enough not to buy their evil agenda.

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