Gypsy mafia members have been arrested

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Officers of the National Bureau of Investigation raided more than 20 locations in Csongrád county and seized 14 pieces of luxury cars, large amount of cash, jewelry and other assets worth several hundred million forints.

The officers acted on a European wide arrest warrant issued by French authorities; as a result, at dawn on March 21, 2016, officers raided several locations in Csongrád county and arrested 12 criminals.

Members of the (gypsy) criminal organization recruited young girls in Hungary and shipped them to France - Strasbourg, Nice and Bordeaux - where the girls forced to work in rented homes and on the streets as prostitutes.

According to police sources, the criminal organization employed at least 40 young women.

Szeged court has decided today to extradite 9 members of the gypsy crime syndicate to French authorities. The extradition of the remaining three will be decided later. At least thirty “relatives” of the criminals attended the court hearing.

The pictures show the luxurious lifestyle of the criminals.

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