Institutionalized persecution of the Hungarian minority is the newest trend in Romania

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Institutionalized persecution of the Hungarian minority is the newest trend in Romania said deputy-Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén at a parliamentary committee hearings on Tueday.

The deputy prime minister has been question by Jobbik MP István Szavay requesting an explanation on the Romanian campaign against István Beke, László Tőkés and the harassment of Franciscan brother Csaba Böjte.

During the nearly three-hour hearing several issues have been discussed among them the closure of small schools in Felvidék, relations with Ukraine, and other related topics.

The Hungarian government requested detailed information about István Beke’s case who is accused by Romanian authorities with terrorism without showing evidence against the accused, but the Hungarian government’s request hasn't been answered so far said Semjén who is very concerned about the new trend in Romania to use judical means to intimidate the Hungarian community in Erdély.

Semjén recalled that he himself raised the issue of the persecution of Hungarians in the region to representatives of the United States government; he told US representatives that the rights and self-determination demands of the indigenous Hungarian minority in the neighboring countries must be observed, otherwise there will be no peace in the region.

"An institutionalized anti-Hungarian campaign have been taking place in Romania against the Hungarian community and their political leaders; the neighboring country employs judicial means to intimidate the Hungarian community and the European Union keeps quiet about it due to ideological reasons," said Semjén.

Using double standards, regarding the autonomy aspirations of the Hungarian communities in the region are unacceptable; the Hungarian communities’ fight for self-determination can’t depend on the changing political climate in the neighboring countries.

Katalin Szili who is in charge of studying European autonomy models called for an adoption of European standards in the EU's autonomy policy. Her study on the various forms of autonomy arrangements around the world will be published in the near future said Semjén.

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