Left-wing activists distribute heavy-duty wire cutters to illegal immigrants in Greece

Friday, March 4, 2016

Left-wing activists (aka globalist agents) distribute heavy-duty wire cutters to migrants in Greece encouraging them to cut holes in the fence erected at the Macedonian – Greek border to slow the influx of illegal immigrants to Europe reporting Austrian sources.

A document, compiled from the testimony of nearly 100 illegal immigrants that managed to slip into Macedonia; they revealed that they successfully used the tool to cut holes in the border fence to enter into the country.

Due to recent restrictive entry measures introduced by Macedonian border police, the number of illegal immigrants entered into the country from Greece decreased significantly - 450-500 per day. But, as a result of the new wire cutter distribution campaign by “left wing extremists”, this number started growing again.

At the same time "left-wing and anarchist youth groups" on the Greek side of the border urging migrants to bypass the strict entry rules and enter into Macedonia by cutting through the border fence.

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Le Gall Galleux said...

c'est scandaleux ! ez felháborító !

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