Macedonia deporting all migrants that entered the country on Monday by crossing a river

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Macedonia started deporting hundreds of migrants that entered into the country from Greece on Monday by crossing a flooding river and bypassing the border fence reported Macedonian police on Tuesday.

The source did not specify how the migrants sent back to Greece.

Macedonian Presidential Spokesperson Ivanov Gjorgi called the incident "a large scale illegal border crossing attempt," and stressed that Macedonia "will not allow the reopening of the Balkan route". It's closed for good.

On Monday, Macedonian authorities detained some 80 journalists and photographers for accompanying the migrants that entered into the country illegally.

Macedonian border police accuse them of attempted illegal border crossing. Many of the journalists have been held in custody for 10 hours; some of them have been released after paying the fines.

Macedonian interior ministry spokesperson justified the relatively slow space of releasing journalists by arguing that activists that helped migrants crossing the border camouflaged themselves as journalists.

Hungarian News Agency (MTI) reporter was among those detained. After paying EUR 260 the journalists can leave the country where they can't return for half a year.

Journalists that don't pay the fine can expect protracted legal proceedings, and in the end they can expect more serious penalties.

MTI reporter said they have crossed two small rivers by following the migrants; after the second crossing, they didn't see any sign indicating they’ve entered Macedonian territory; so the journalists unknowingly crossed the Greek-Macedonian border.

(MTI – Photos: Balázs Béli –


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