PM Viktor Orbán: Romania launched a political campaign against ethnic Hungarian politicians

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Romania intimidating the Hungarian minority in Erdély and wants to control the leaders of the Hungarian community against which we have to raise our voices with due weight said the prime minister at Monday's ambassadorial meeting in Budapest.

The prime minister called Hungarian-Slovak relations settled and Hungarian-Serbian relations balanced.

Regarding Croatia he had this to say: "We are in the process of trying to sort out our problems," which is not an easy task, because "the tissue of this relationship damaged" in the past couple of years.

Orbán called Hungarian - Slovenian relations neglected, which must be updated by major ways.

The prime minister had this to say about Ukraine: We don't see yet when will Ukraine be transformed into a western style economy. "We are rooting for Ukraine because the recovery of Ukraine is in Hungary's interest; but we don't allow to anyone to drag us into an anti-Russian coalition."

Orbán also reiterated that at mid-year, there will be no automatic extension of sanctions against Russia.

The head of government recalled that within the European Union a group of countries established an exclusive club on the basis of the common currency; but countries that are not part of the Euro-zone left out of this club.

Outside or inside - that is the question!

Prime Minister Orbán holds the view that one of the biggest questions in the next few years will be which group Hungary should belong. He hasn't taken a stand on the issue, but said the following: joining the euro-zone would result common taxation, pension and social welfare; without those elements in place a country can't be successful. But if we harmonize all of our laws and regulations with the rest of Europe can our country still be called an independent state? - asked the prime minister.

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