Sándor Lezsák discussed minority language issues with his Ukrainian counterpart in Kiev

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Lezsák arrived in the Ukrainian capital to honor the beginning of the 1848-49 Hungarian revolution. As part of his visit, he held a face to face meeting with the deputy-chairperson of Verkhovna Rada Oksana Syrojid.

The Ukrainian politician has said that Ukraine was ready to discuss the use of minority languages in the country ​​with Ukrainian social and political organizations, especially, with the leaders of the Hungarian ethnic community (KMKSZ) and with members of the Hungarian Parliament.

Lezsák invited his Ukrainian counterpart to visit the Lakitelek People’s College. Oksana Syrojid accepted the invitation and she will be a guest of a literary translation camp at the end of August where she will deliver a lecture on the use of minority languages ​​in Ukraine and will be introduced to the programs of Lakitelek People’s College.

Ukraine still hasn’t appointed an ambassador to Budapest, which causes difficulties in coordinating cooperation between the two countries said the vice-president of the Hungarian parliament. The Ukrainian side acknowledged the problem and promised to take steps to close this issue as soon as possible.

In the Hungarian Embassy in Kiev Lezsák remarked that the triple ideas of the 1848-49 European revolutions - "liberty, equality, fraternity" - have been deteriorated throughout history. "Equality created communist dictatorship, fraternity created Nazism, and liberalism has been ravaging our cultural landscape with horrifyingly destructive force.”

Lezsák pointed out that while Europe is flooded with migrants, Ukraine is in a perilous situation. He emphasized that Hungary's vital interest lies with a peaceful, independent and prosperous Ukraine.

At a reception in the Hungarian embassy Lezsák remarked that after the first, second and third world war - the Cold War – now, the world is in the Fourth World War, which is waged by "special means". The global landscape is saturated with landmines, among which we must navigate; either, individually or together with our neighbors and with the Visegrad Four countries - we must protect ourselves against the massive waves of illegal immigration that have been pounding the shores of Europe with devastating force, which can create a state of emergency in the long run - said the vice-president of the Hungarian National Assembly.

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