Security Expert György Nógrádi: The Germans might have offered money to poorer countries for "voluntary" admission of migrants

Monday, March 21, 2016

Behind the scenes, Germany might have promised financial support mainly to poorer EU countries in exchange for their "voluntary" admission of migrants said Security Expert György Nógrádi to Kossuth Radio.

The Chief of Staff of the German Chancellery Peter Altmaier said recently that the aim of the German diplomacy was to make sure that 26 members of 28 EU countries - except Hungary and Slovakia that challenged the quotas at a European Court - voluntarily agree to accept migrants into their countries.

In order to achieve this goal, Germany might have offered financial support especially to the poorer countries "behind the scenes". Last week, only 7-8 countries indicated their willingness to accept migrants on a voluntary basis, which would be a defeat to German diplomacy and personally to Chancellor Angela Merkel; however, if the smaller countries - that earlier opposed the quotas - would also admit migrants that could be regarded as a success of the German diplomacy. There are no proof yet that a financial incentive indeed has been offered to some countries, but in the next few weeks, one way or another, will definitely answer this question Nógrádi added.

The expert also added that the current European forecast is that an increasing number of migrants will reach European shores in the coming months; since there is huge money in people smuggling, it is "quite obvious" that new migration routes will be found.

If in fact the Greek-Turkish border will be closed down the new routes might lead through the island of Lampedusa from Libya; and the other to Italy through Albania. Protection of the Mediterranean Sea therefore, must be a fundamental goal of the Italian Navy emphasized Nógrádi.

The security expert thinks that so much money have been invested in the migration project that mass migration into Europe won't end anytime soon.

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