Staged anti-Hungarian provocation in Püspökladány

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Unidentified agent provocateurs pulled off a primitive anti-Hungarian stunt in Püspökladány Wednesday morning. The perpetrator(s) painted swastikas on a family home owned by gypsies and issued death threats.

The agent provocateurs tossed a dead dog into the backyard of the house to pretend they were serious.

The owner of the house told the Roma Press Centre that he had no enemies and the family lived a regular life working as manual laborers.

The dog belonged to the owner's mother who has died recently - it guarded the vacated property.

Police launched a criminal investigation in the case; we will probably never know the result of the investigation. Most probably, police already know the perpetrators but to protect their sponsors their names and photographs unlikely to be released.

There are hundreds of paid agents working for the global troublemakers and promoters of chaos who when sense that inter-ethnic relations are stable in the country mobilize their agents to stir up the still waters; the goal is to incite anti-Hungarian sentiments and create division in society so that they can brand Hungarians racist.

The technique never changes; the props are always the same – swastika is the most preferred sign to be used in the staged operations – luckily, the general public don't even notice them any more.



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