Székely Freedom Day Manifesto urges dialogue with the Romanian government and self-determination for Székely-Hungarians

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Székely Freedom Day Manifesto demands territorial autonomy and the launching of a dialogue on the status of Székely Land. The manifesto was read at the Székely Martyrs Memorial in Marosvásárhely by the President of the Székely National Council Izsák Balázs.

The manifesto has been adopted by acclamation by those participated in the memorial event. Demonstrators demanded special status for the historical Székely Land with special administrative and economic privileges. Participants called on the Romanian government to engage in dialogue about the status Székely Land with the Székely National Council and the Székely local governments.

Participants also demanded that Romania fully respect the core treaties between Romania and Hungary, in particular, that section of the document in which the parties agree to refrain from any practice that would change the ethnic composition of regions inhabited by minirities. -MTI

When on March 10, we bow before our martyrs in Marosvásárhelyen we draw strength from their sacrifices. We swear in front of the tomb of the martyrs that we don't tolerate from anyone to treat us as second-class citizens. We pledge that we continue fighting for our rights resolutely, and consistently. The courage of our martyrs not only spiritually strengthen us, but also encourages us not to give up our struggle for self-determination.

Intolerant nationalists threaten to make a larger region from our homeland in order to violently reshape the ethnic composition of the region. That is why we demand territorial autonomy for Székely Land; we want a Székely-Hungarian homeland where we can feel at home, where we do not live as a tolerated minority, where our language and our symbols are not persecuted. We need autonomy where decisions are made locally by the two peoples who live side by side - Székely-Hungarians and Romanians – who according to their numbers can participate in the running of the autonomous Székely Land.

Székely-Hungarians in Transylvania support the Székely people’s aspirations to enjoy territorial autonomy. We believe that in Erdély, the Székely people must be recognized as equals with the Romanian, and Hungarian must be recognized as an official language of the country. Without linguistic equality there is no equality at all! In the absence of linguistic equality, the Hungarian minority is a severely disenfranchised ethnic group. In Erdély, the basis of equality mutual, and cultural understanding not possible without linguistic equality. Currently, the Hungarian language in Erdély, and Székely Land only tolerated. Those who seek linguistic equality in a predominantly Hungarian-majority region can be punished by fine write



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