The Hungarian Armed Forces can deploy up to six thousand troops to the border if necessary

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Hungarian Armed Forces can deploy more than six thousand troops to the border if necessary to protect it from intruders said the Chief of Staff of the Hungarian Armed Forces Tibor Benkő.

Currently more than two thousand troops involved in ensuring the protection of the southern border - said the chief of staff after visiting troops at the border with Croatia on Easter Monday.

The soldiers are very motivated and they have all necessary technical means to effectively carry out their tasks.

The act of terrorism bill, which is currently under discussion in parliament will provide wide range of power to the armed forces if passed said Benkő. It will give extra power to the army in intelligence, and information gathering, reconnaissance activities, patrolling activities and if the situation so requires to engage in combat operations.

The armed forces must also be ready - although hopefully this won’t be necessary - to take up rescue, and relief activities - the capacity and preparedness of the military hospital is insured - Benkő said.

Regarding combat operations Tibor Benkő remarked that besides mass migration other sorts of direct attacks at the borders are also real possibilities; to successfully meet the challenges, it is necessary to amend the law so that the Hungarian Defense Forces can effectively assist defending the border.

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