Two rear wheels of a Hungarian designed electric bus separated from the vehicle during test drive

Friday, March 18, 2016

Two rear wheels of a Hungarian designed electric bus came off while carrying a group of Chinese businessmen and diplomats; the wheels injured two people waiting at a nearby bus stop.

Nobody knows what caused this freak and highly suspicious accident. What is certain that for some reason, the wheel nuts fell off and the rear wheels came off while the bus was moving. The manufacturer and police have launched an investigation in the case.

Communications manager of the manufacturer József Helmich said there was no explanation for what happened.

The bus has just came back from an exhibition in Paris where it won an award. The unique design generated great interest among international investors, including a Chinese investors; that's why we've invited them to test the bus in actual traffic explained Helmich to the press.

Smells like sabotage to me! ... the wheel nuts fell off!!!

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