A member of the Russian Special Forces surrounded and outnumbered by jihadists marked his position as target and requested an air strike

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A member of the Russian Special Forces, 25-year-old Alexander Prokhorenko surrounded and outnumbered near the city of Palmyra in Syria by Jihadists. The Russian soldier has decided that he won’t let the Jihadist to capture him alive and will fight to his last breath. Once he ran out of ammunition he marked his own position as target and requested an air strike.

I'm surrounded. I do not want to be captured by the Jihadists to parade me in television! Commander, order an air strike, because I don't want my uniform to be dishonored by this human filth. I want to die with honor and I'll take as many jihadists with me as I can radioed the cornered soldier.

His commander did not want to fulfill his request, he asked Prokhorenko to reach the green line and he will be evacuated after 12 minutes.

In his last reply Alexander Prokhorenko said: Commander! Please fulfill my last wish, and order an air strike, I die either way. This is the end, Commander! Thank you. Tell my family and my country, that I love them! Tell them, I was brave and fought to the bitter end! Please, take care of my family, and avenge my death, all the best, Commander, tell my family that I love them!"

Having received no more response from him, his commander ordered an air strike on his position…

Supposedly, Russian President Vladimir Putin will bestow the highest military decoration on Prokhorenko's family and his wife who is pregnant.

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Anonymous said...

He is a hero!

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, he was a real Hero!
RIP Mr. Prokhorenko.

May God bless and help Mother Russia!

PS. Mr. Obama please give back your Nobel Prize!

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