Big changes are coming to the Jobbik party - President Gábor Vona removes radical members from the presidency of the party

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Jobbik Spokesman Adám Mirkóczki confirmed the press reports. The upcoming changes affecting the position of István Apáti, Előd Novák and István Szávai.

The current presidency's most important task was after the 2014 general elections to stabilize party support and help Jobbik to become the leading opposition force in the country said the spokesman.

However, in the next two years, Gábor Vona has other priorities, which include preparation for the 2018 general elections and drafting an election strategy that can help to win the next general elections.

Mirkóczki added that Gábor Vona would like to work with mayors who already have experience with "local governance."

The Jobbik spokesman didn’t give names but everybody knows that Ózd, Tapolca, Tiszavasvári, and Ásotthalom elected Jobbik mayors (The hugely popular mayor of Ásotthalom László Toroczkai is not a member of the Jobbik party but he was elected with Jobbik support)

Mirkóczki categorically denied that due to the upcoming changes a rift developed in the party - this is what the hostile liberal media trumpeting twenty-four hours a day in order to mislead the general public.

The Jobbik spokesman also confirmed that the outgoing vice-presidents will be much needed in the future in other areas with equal importance.

Mayor of Ózd Dávid Janiczak has already indicated that he will run for the position of vice-president in the upcoming party congress this summer.

Mayor of Tiszavasvari Erik Fülöp is also expected to run.

Gábor Vona won't change his mind: When I decide on something I do it slowly, I evaluate the circumstances and I sleep on it. I make my decision final only if I know for sure I have the right solution. But, if I once decided on something I stick with it. Therefore, I give in neither soft nor excessive pressure to change my mind. I am sure that the way I represent is the right way. Therefore, I don't shy away from internal conflicts, or confrontations. I think my gut feelings regarding the direction of the party so far proved to be right. Now, the membership of the party will have to decide if I was right. Whichever way they decide, I accept their decision with dignity and respect wrote Gábor Vona among other things on Facebook.

Vona confirmed to journalists that he was in talk with the Mayor of Ásotthalom László Toroczkai who he would like to see as one of the vice-presidents of the Jobbik party.

"I have no plan B, if the membership of the party does not agree with my approach and what I envisioned for the party as president then, I'm going to step down," said Vona.

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