Gábor Vona: It is final. After much reluctance László Toroczkai will run for the position of vice-president of the Jobbik party

Friday, April 29, 2016

Jobbik President Gábor Vona announced today that the Mayor of Ózd Dávid Janiczak, the Mayor of Tiszavasvári Erik Fülöp, and the Mayor of Ásotthalom László Toroczkai will run as candidates for the position of vice-president at the upcoming party congress this summer.

Vona announced the news on N1 TV. He also remarked that he counts on the work of three current vice-Presidents of the party including János Volner, Dániel Z. Kárpát and Tamás Sneider in the next period leading up to the 2018 general elections, adding that he wants to create a "presidency of winners."

Vona explained his decision by saying that Dávid Janiczak was able to create a majority in Ózd and put the city on a growing path. Erik Fülöp won the mayoral elections three times in a row.

Regarding Toroczkai, Vona recalled that although the hugely popular mayor of the town of Ásotthalom agreed with his plans he turned off twice his request to run for vice-president while finally, the third time he said yes.

Ásotthalom is a success story

The Jobbik president recalled that Ásotthalom is a success story; before Toroczkai took it over it was a poor, conflict-ridden town that as a result of the work of the new mayor, recovered big time. In consequence, László Toroczkai won his second term as a mayor with a one hundred percent support.

Vona announced last week that he didn't support the re-election of three vice-presidents of the party due to the new course of action needed to prepare the party for the 2018 general elections. All three vice-presidents (István Apáti, Előd Novák and István Szávai) accepted Vona’s decision quickly putting an end to liberal media speculations that already envisioned a rift in the largest opposition party.

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