Jobbik 2016 May Day Picnic attracts huge crowed - Day 1

Saturday, April 30, 2016

This year’s traditional National May Day Picnic takes place on Saturday and Sunday in Shipyard Island; the event attracts huge crowds every year. On Day 1, several members of Jobbik party gave a presentation on various topics; among them the newest member of the Jobbik party László Toroczkai who explained the real reasons behind the influx of migrants into Europe.

The weather favored the national picnic as well; after a cold Friday, Saturday brought a genuinely warm spring weather.

Photos by Balázs Béli can be seen below:

The world’s foremost horse archer Lajos Kassai also showed up at the picnic site giving an exciting presentation of target shooting from horseback.

The future belongs to us!

DAY - 2

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