Migrants set up a makeshift camp at the Hungarian – Serbian border

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The migrants claim that they were brought here by people smugglers from Macedonia; they paid 170 euros per person to the smugglers. They have run out of money, and now, they rely on United Nations donations. They claim they receive one canned fish and a half liter of water per day.

Yet, they are determined to stay until they are allowed to enter into the country so that they can continue their trek to the European Union – most of the migrants want to go to Germany. If we are not allowed to enter Hungary, we get a wire cutter and cut through the border fence said one of the migrants.

Currently, about one hundred migrants stay in the makeshift camp. They said they wouldn't go back to Syria even if there were peace.

They claim that Serbian police officers threaten them; they demand € 50 to let them stay in Serbia otherwise, they will be sent back to Macedonia.

One migrant complained that even though his wife is six-month pregnant, they are not allowed to enter Hungary. Only couples with small children are allowed to cross the border; so there is nothing left but wait until his wife gives birth to their child in the camp.

Every morning at nine o'clock Hungarian border guards open the door of the transit zone and allow no more than thirty people to cross the border - most of them couples with small children. The other migrants however, have to wait, and they wait patiently hoping that one day they too can cross the border and can go to the land of their dreams – Germany.

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Meanwhile, Pope Francis called migrants gifts in a video message sent to a Jesuit refugee center anniversary celebration in Rome. Too often we did not accept you! You are treated as a burden, as a problem, and as an expense, while you are a gift said Pope Francis.

The Pope then, apologized for the indifference of European societies. This negative attitude towards refugees caused by the fear that their presence can lead to lifestyle and mental changes in European societies.

Pope Francis then, called migrants bridges that bind together remote peoples of different cultures and religions that can lead us to the re-discovery of our common heritage, adding that "we are all pilgrims and strangers on this earth, (. . .) the journey is less scary if we walk together.” - MTI

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