The European Union needs a new founding treaty - French Minister of Economic Affairs Emmanuel Macron

Thursday, April 21, 2016

For the survival of the "European dream" a new founding treaty needs to be drafted within two years proposed by French Minister of Economic Affairs Emmanuel Macron in Belgian RTBF public television on Monday.

The announcement was made at a student forum held in Bruges; accordingly, a new European basic treaty needs to be drafted within 18-24 months to maintain the "European dream", even if it wouldn't include all member states.

The new treaty can be drafted on the basis of a democratic debate conducted among major European states. It is encouraging that in 2017, there will be general elections both in Germany and France, thus in the following three years, an opportunity arises to move ahead with the plan.

Macron remarked that the new treaty would link EU states that have similar living standards and economic output.

You can not move towards closer centralization without further integration of social and fiscal policies as well as establishing a common strategy for future development the minister said.

If we do nothing Europe and the euro zone will fall apart. Europe needs to set new targets very fast the minster added.

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