The liberals are rejoicing, they forced one of the most successful Hungarian swimming coaches László Kiss to resign

Friday, April 8, 2016

The liberal press and their backers that keep public morals under attack twenty-four hours a day by promoting pornography on their websites have launched an orchestrated attack on the head-coach of the Hungarian swim team, 75-year-old Lászlo Kiss by disseminating an old story about him – as a twenty year-old, Kiss was sentenced three years in jail for allegedly raping a girl in 1962. (You must take Bolshevik kangaroo court’s decisions with a grain of salt. Apparently, the girl who was involved in the incident consented to have sexual intercourse with three athletes but later she changed her mind accusing them with rape.)

The globalists are rejoicing – as they managed to create a scandal in Hungarian sports at the eve of the Rio Summer Games with the obvious intent to demoralize Hungarian athletes and create confusion among Hungarian swimmers.

After serving his sentence, Kiss has become one of the most successful swimming coaches of his generation.

Under his guidance Hungary's most successful swimmer Krisztina Egerszegi won five Olympic gold medals. Kiss also coached Olympic Gold Medalist Ágnes Kovács.

Two days after the news was brought to light, László Kiss resigned as the head-coach of the Hungarian swim team.

"In the interests of Hungarian sports, and considering the attacks on my character as well as because of my health condition I have decided to resign as the head-coach of the Hungarian swim team."

"I have to face the fact that due to the hostile media campaign, my official activities have created a public outcry severely dividing sports-loving people around the country. At this moment, I don't discuss who might have benefited from this scandal by digging out an old story from the archives, which was widely publicized in the 1960s" (in other words this information wasn’t a secret ed.) wrote the resigning head-coach of the Hungarian swim team.

(Note: Again, this story is not new; the media in the 1960s widely publicized it; but the fact that it was revisited at the eve of the Rio Summer Games clearly shows that liberal perpetrators and agents of shadowy forces want to create confusion among athletes and want to harm Hungarian swimmers’ chances to achieve outstanding results at the upcoming Rio Summer Games. The liberal press once again showed its true colors. While they regularly discredit communist era officials in their reports when their backers’ interests require otherwise, they give credit to the corrupt Bolshevik pimps that sentenced Kiss for a dubious “crime”, most probably without sufficient evidence. Those Bolshevik judges most of the time consulted party officials before handing down a sentence especially, when the clients were not ordinary citizens – like athletes for instance.)

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Endre Aczél, one of the veteran journalists of the extremist liberal news portal "Népszabadság" wrote on Facebook on Wednesday that the former head-coach of the Hungarian swim team László Kiss and his teammates in fact are not guilty of gang rape; the incident has become a criminal case in 1961 because the alleged victim's parents couldn't accept the fact that their daughter "loved to fuck."

After the ominous Facebook post the liberal trash portal announced that in the future it won't publish any articles written by Aczél - he revealed the truth about the alleged rape incident discrediting the liberal smear campaign against the former head coach of the Hungarian swim team; the veteran journalist has worked for the extremist liberal news portal as a freelancer for 25 years.

Aczél apologized for his remarks but in his most recent Saturday's entry he once again indicated that at that time it was common to see girls hanging around swimming pools and have sexual intercourse with multiple partners. He claimed that he has received an e-mail from a former top athlete, who wrote: "We fucked all girls who showed up in the swimming pool. In hindsight, we too could have been denounced just like László Kiss."



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