The new head coach of the Hungarian swim team András Hargitay: László Kiss’ departure may cost Olympic medals

Friday, April 15, 2016

What we have suspected all along has been confirmed by the new head coach of the Hungarian swim team András Hargitay - the resignation of László Kiss may cost Olympic medals for Hungary at the upcoming Rio Games - which was the goal of the globalist smear campaign against Kiss at the first place.

As we have reported earlier the liberal media that wage a relentless war on the Hungarian nation created a scandal with the obvious intent to diminish the Hungarian Olympic team’s medal winning chances at the Rio Summer Games by accusing the former head coach of the Hungarian swim team with rape.

(The satanic plan most probably triggered by the globalists’ dislike of PM Viktor Orbán who is one of the most ardent promoters of Hungarian sports; the prime minister strongly believes that national pride can be maintained by building a strong sporting community that can achieve outstanding results in international competitions.

In his recent speech in Miskolc, PM Viktor Orbán said: "Sport will restore Hungary’s self-respect. If we unite our efforts, if there is support, if we have the determination it takes, we can take on any nation of the world, including those bigger than us, be it in the field of science, culture or sport."

Without self-respect, neither business nor politics can work, he said. What is needed is national self-respect, Mr. Orbán said, and in Hungary this can come from sport, “because we are the nation of Öcsi [Ferenc] Puskás, Krisztina Egerszegi, László Papp and András Balczó”.

We can safely say that the the demonization of László Kiss by the globalist press most likely was an underhanded attack on Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s master plan to build a strong and healthy sporting community in Hungary.)

The timing of the scandal was also critical as no time has left to find a suitable substitute for Kiss as the Rio Games only a few months away.

"When I’ve heard the news about Kiss’ resignation it hit me as if he would have died; his experiences, his attitudes are absolutely essential to put together a winning swim team. After the Kazan World Cup, László Kiss even helped improving Katinka Hosszu's backstroke technique; he has huge knowledge, his resignation can cost Olympic medals to the Hungarian team," said the new head coach of the swim team András Hargitay.

"Hungarian swimmers and coaches are in a very difficult situation now, because they prepared their plans together with Kiss" lamented Hargitay as he does not see anyone around who could replace László Kiss in a short run.

The liberal press and their foreign pay-masters now pretending they are worried about the confusion caused by Kiss' resignation as if not them but somebody else would have been responsible for the dire situation that developed in the Hungarian Swimming Federation in the wake of Kiss’ resignation at the eve of the Rio Summer Games.

As part of the relentless war on the Hungarian nation the liberal media have decided to revisit a fake rape incident that involved László Kiss more than 55 years ago. They suggested that the case was hidden from the public and it was a dark secrete that Kiss tried to cover up. But the truth is that the incident was widely reported in 1962 when it allegedly happened.

A Bolshevik kangaroo court convicted twenty year old Kiss to three years in prison for allegedly raping a young girl.

Veteran liberal journalist Endre Aczél who was around at that time has remarked on Facebook that actually, Kiss didn’t rape the victim - the alleged rape was in fact a consensual sexual intercourse. But the parents of the young ‘victim’ couldn’t face the fact that their daughter “loved to fuck”. To make sense out of what happened the “victim’s” parents filed a criminal complaint against Kiss who as a result, was sentenced to three years in prison on fake rape charges wrote the veteran journalist, who after the illustrious comment has been suspended from his job – Aczél has worked for the extremist liberal news portal “Nepszabadsag” (that before the regime change was a communist mouthpiece) for decades.



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