Toyota unveiled a wooden concept car in Milan International Design Exhibition (Salone del Mobile)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Székely master last year built a much more beautiful one

The Toyota concept car dubbed Setsuna is an electric vehicle; its frame, its floor and seats are all made of wood; apparently, its color changes depending on the changes of the environment.

Toyota has built the concept car in collaboration with Sumitomo Forestry Co. and it is not planned to go on sale.

Toyota employed traditional Japanese technology to build the car using Japanese cyprus wood and birch wood.

Opera singer Péter Szabó showed off his own wooden built car in last year's Frankfurt International Motor Show. The opera singer built his car in Koronkai near Marosvásárhely and dubbed it Julia Roadster. The car was built from Ford and Mercedes parts.

The extremely beautiful vehicle was one of the main attractions of the Frankfurt Motor Show last year.

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