UN military counselor: One million people can cross to Italy from Libya

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Libya has one million potential migrants, including terrorist cells ready to cross into Italy said Italian General Paolo Serra to UN Special Envoy for Libya Martin Kobler in a hearing in the Italian parliament.

"If there is no change in Libya, at the end of the year approximately 250 thousand people could come to Italy," - said the general.

This huge crowd can be kept home only by rebuilding the North African country's economic, agricultural and industrial base.

The envoy stressed that in the first quarter of 2016 the number of migrants left Libya have risen sharply, which will increase even more without a wide range of reconstruction program introduced into the country.

Previously, a significant proportion of migrants from other African states had been employed as physical laborers while the majority of Libyans worked in the oil industry or in the public sector.

However, Libyan crude oil production fell from 1.8 million bbl per year to 300 thousand and most Libyans lost their jobs; "currently, there is a humanitarian emergency in Libya, and very difficult to control mass migration. Without a functioning government it is impossible to enforce the law, including human rights and control of the borders stressed the UN envoy. (The UN diplomat forgot to mention who is responsible for this catastrophic situation at the first place, who destroyed Libya making it a failed state ed.)

The Italian general called the Libyan situation "horrible" comparing refugee camp to "human warehouses", stressing that discrimination against black skinned people is very serious. Human traffickers treat lighter-skinned Arab migrants better than blacks.

Human trafficking is run by criminal organizations operating in several countries independently of the ​​Islamic States terrorist organization. According to the Italian general, about three thousand Jihadists operate in Libya mainly in the city of Sirt and the surrounding areas.

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