Boglárka Kapás and Dávid Verrasztó win gold and Liliána Szilágyi wins silver medal on the closing day of 2016 LEN Aquatics European Championships

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Boglárka Kapás wins her forth gold medals in 400m freestyle, she is now on par with Katinka Hosszu in terms of number of gold medals.

Boglárka Kapás: "Jeez ... I would not have thought ... The first time, I looked up on the board, I thought, 4:08... it is impossible; then, I realized I looked at the wrong row ... 4:03 ... Well, then again, when I saw I had swam 4:03 I couldn’t believe my eyes ... it's amazing how all this came together... this European Championship gave me a fantastic boost. Thanks to all who were rooting for me... I am very grateful for the support!"

Women's 400 m freestyle:
1. Boglárka Kapás (Hungary)4:3:47
2. Jazmin Carlin (Great Britain) 4:04.85
3. Mireia Belmonte Garcia (Spain) 4:06.89

Dávid Verrasztó: "Considering the fact that a month ago, I still had a broken rib I was pretty good. I did not like the end, I thought I will have a clock time of 4:10, but regarding the circumstances, I have to be satisfied with the gold medal which I have come to win; I reached my goal and I managed to satisfy everyone."

Men's 400 m medley:
1. Dávid Verrasztó (Hungary) 4:13:15 p
2. Richard Nagy (Slovakia) 4:14:16
3. Federico Turrini (Italy) 4:14.74
4. Gergely Gyurta (Hungary) 4:14.94

Liliána Szilágyi missed gold medal only by a hair.

Women's 200 m butterfly:
1. Franziska Hentke (Germany) 2:07.23
2. Liliana Szilagyi 2:07:24
3. Judit Ignacio SORRIBES (Spain) 2:07:52
4. Zsuzsanna Jakabos 2:07.75

The winners
Hungarian team (Balog Gábor, Financsek Gábor, Cseh László, Bohus Richárd) wins bronze in men's 4x100-meter medley relay.

Men's 4x100m medley relay:
1. United Kingdom (Christoph Walker-Hebborn, Adam Peaty, James Guy, Scott Duncan) 3:32.15 p
2. France 3:33.89

The 2016 LEN Aquatics European Championship was a resounding success for the Hungarian swim team that finished the tournament on top.

The medal table:

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