Due to an "organizational oversight", Jobbik President Gábor Vona has been seated next to the Israeli ambassador at a football game

Monday, May 23, 2016

The photo showing Jobbik President Gábor Vona and Israeli Ambassador Ilan Mor sitting next to one another at Hungary - Ivory Coast friendly match.

The photo forced Vona to give an explanation of the situation; he wrote on his Facebook page:

"Yesterday, I, Benedek and Krisztina visited the Hungarian national football team’s friendly match against Ivory Coast. Probably, because of an organizational oversight I was seated next to the Israeli ambassador. The photo published by the media clearly shows that the ambassador was very much troubled by the situation and before the match has started asked organizers to give him another seat. We ignored the incident, because for us this was a sporting event and a family event, where politics and resentment have no place,"- wrote the Jobbik president on Facebook.

HVG (an extremist liberal news portal ed.) photographer “spotted” Gábor Vona and Israeli Ambassador Ilan Mor watching the game while sitting next to each other in the VIP box. (Do you really think that the HVG photographer was on the spot by chance? Then, you are naive like a child ed.)

The photo went viral on social networking sites arousing people's imagination on this freak incident. Gábor Vona Facebook page is flooded with comments, wildly speculating what might have been behind the incident.

Several "nationalist" websites called the incident suspicious. The time has long passed when Gábor Vona called Israel an aggressor and the Palestinians oppressed people who are fighting for their homeland wrote one of the “nationalist” portals.

According to sources, incidents like this can't happen by organizational oversight because in the VIP sector there are strict rules that regulate the sitting order of guests. Taking these remarks and other factors into account, it can be concluded that the incident happened by the knowledge of organizers, in other words it was a staged event.

The goal might have been to split Jobbik voters along “moderate - radical” lines to erode the party’s electoral base before the 2018 general elections. There is already some tension within the party due to Vona’s policy to turn Jobbik into a more moderate people’s party. We can be sure that in the coming months more staged incidents will happen aiming to deepen the division among party supporters in order to alienate and ultimately detach the radical voter base from the Jobbik party.

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