Germans fleeing Germany and move to Hungary in increasing numbers because of the German government's asylum policy - German Public Television

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lake Balaton

A growing number of Germans move to Hungary, mostly to the region of Lake Balaton due to fear of mass migration and as a form of protest against the German government's asylum policy reported Bayerische Rundfunk (BR), Bavarian Public Television.

Real estate agents reporting that in lake Balaton region a new phenomenon is clearly detectable among German customers since September last year - Germans are moving to Hungary due to the German government's asylum policy.

A real estate agent told the public television station that eight out of ten German customers want to move to Hungary because of the indiscriminate admission of migrants into Germany.

Those German citizens who already in Hungary told the television station that they appreciate the fact that near Lake Balaton a large German community has already established itself, the climate is good, summers are long and life is cheap.

They also like the cultural milieu, the fact that the Hungarian population is predominantly Christian, and there are no migrants in the country. These facts are so important to the Germans citizens that they are willing to make compromises and reconcile themselves to the fact to live in a country that by European standards belongs to the poorer EU member states.

The TV program criticized the Hungarian government for its refugee policy, by saying that in last September, "thousands of refugees stranded in inhuman conditions in the heart of the Hungarian capital."

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