Hungary standing in the way of immigration

Friday, May 20, 2016

Hungary is standing in the way of immigration which is contrary to the ideas of quite a few European great powers and the United States, Lázár János said at the press conference Governmentinfo 50 which he held jointly with Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács.

The Minister said that American businessman of Hungarian origin György Soros may be behind the US statements condemning Hungary. The American President recently stressed the importance of immigration in Europe. At the same time, György Soros is one of the principal „flag-bearers” of Obama’s conviction as the businessman stated several times in the past that immigrants should be settled in Europe, Mr Lázár said. The Hungarian Government is convinced that György Soros, an influential supporter of the Democrats and a sponsor of the Clinton family, will do everything in his power „to clear space” for his views, the Minister added.

Mr Lázár therefore believes: we may expect during the period ahead that György Soros will be prepared to actively engage in the battle against one of his most dangerous European political opponents, the Orbán Government. „When influential American figures speak out who are Mr Soros’s friends, allies and comrades, one may always find him in the background”, he said, adding that „this is not far from the theories which claim that immigration is an organised affair”. Former US President Bill Clinton spoke about Hungary in critical terms at the weekend when he said: the Poles and the Hungarians would not have become free, had it not been for the United States and the victory in the Cold War, yet now they have decided this democracy is too much trouble and want Putin-like dictatorships.

In answer to the question as to what he expects should Hillary Clinton become the next President of the United States, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office said: the Hungarian Government has a vested interest in strong Hungarian-US relations, and Hungary is a reliable ally, for instance, in military or economic affairs. There are issues, however, on which there is no agreement. „There are circles in the United States which believe that Europe needs immigration. (…) We do not agree with these Americans”, he said, adding: he would not claim that the US Administration coincides with these interest groups.

He also told the press that the Government is preparing for the quota referendum, and as the initiator of the referendum, it will attempt to draw the attention of the electorate to the significance of the matter. The Minister further reported that, according to the latest data, 11,840 people have entered Hungary illegally this year; 11,697 of them came via the Serbian border section. On Wednesday 2,472 migrants were in the territory of the country, (and the rest disappeared into thin air. Can you guess where? ed.) and 221 people have received international protection in total this year.

The Minister reiterated that the purpose of the bill which currently lies before Parliament is to stop illegal border-crossers within eight kilometres of the border and to transport them to an official border crossing station. Based on experiences, these people usually move on, rather than opt for the possibility of entering legally and officially, he added.

(Prime Minister’s Office)