Katinka Hosszú wins her second gold medals at LEN European Aquatics in London in women’s 200 meters back

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Katinka: "I got very tired in the end, but this was part of the strategy - start strong! I'm happy with my time, but at the Olympics this won't be enough."

1. KATINKA HOSSZÚ (Hungary) 2: 07:01 min
2. Darina Zevina (Ukraine) 2: 07:48
3. Matea Samardzic (Croatia) 2: 09:24
4. KATA BURIÁN (Hungary) 2: 10:17

Katinka Hosszu, winner of Women's 200m... by lentv

Twenty-one year-old KATA BURIÁN main aim was to swim faster than 2:10.60 Olimpic "A" level and she succeeded (2:10:17), which means that she qualified for the Rio Games.

"I'm hurting terribly, but a very big dream come true. I did not expect to go from zero as far as the Rio Olympics in a year." said Kata.

* * * * *

Earlier the day Hungary (Gábor Balog, Gábor Financsek, Evelyn Verrasztó, Zsuzsanna Jakabos) won bronze medal in 4x100 meter mixed medley relay.

1. Great Britain (Christoph Walker-Hebborn, Adam Peaty, Siobhan-Marie O'Connor, Francesca Halsall) 3:44.56 minutes
2. Italy (Simone Sabbioni, Martina Carraro, Piero Codia, Federica Pellegrini) 3:45.74
3. Hungary (Gábor Balog, Gábor Financsek, Evelyn Verrasztó, Zsuzsanna Jakabos) 3:49.50

* * * * *

In men's 50 m butterfly László Cseh won silver medal

1. Andriy Govorov (Ukraine) 22.92 seconds
2. László Cseh (Hungary) 23:31
3. Benjamin Proud (Great Britain) 23:34