Kittensinurface: Hungarian Socialists Want to Import 1 Million Migrants to Hungary!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

This is a short recap of recent Hungarian politics involving migration!
Excitement galore, starting with Bill Clinton criticizing Hungary and Poland. Hungary firing back at Clinton, saying he's a mouthpiece of George Soros.
Then the former Hungarian Prime Minister criticizing Viktor Orbán for being "ungrateful" to George Soros and risking damaging valuable US relations. Then another Hungarian socialist writes about his recent useful lobbying work in Brussels which seeks to punish his own nation. Fun times!

Here is the link to Daniel McAdams's excellent article about how the US REALLY helped to liberate Hungary:

Here is the Hungarian article about Mr. Niedermuller's adventures in Brussels:

Here is an official English-language government article about George Soros and Bill Clinton:

And here is one of the articles about the Socialist government's plan to important one million migrants into Hungary: