New poll by "Századvég": Almost 90 per cent of Hungarians reject the quota system

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New poll by "Századvég" shows that nearly 90 percent of Hungarians rejecting the European Union mandatory quota system.

Due to the nation-wide information campaign, 97 percent of those surveyed have heard about the upcoming referendum on mandatory quotas.

The survey found that the majority (54 percent) of those responded to the poll definitely would take part in a referendum if held this Sunday. A further 18 per cent of respondents expect to participate in the referendum. A total of 72 percent of those responded indicated that they would participate in the referendum.

17 percent of respondents definitely would not take part in the vote, and 9 per cent probably not.

According to the poll, the very high willingness to participate in the vote suggests that the mandatory quotas are "an extremely important" issue for the general public. Even half of "left wing" supporters indicated they plan to participate in the referendum.

The research shows that the overwhelming majority of Hungarians reject the mandatory distribution of migrants; 87 percent of those who definitely would participate in a referendum planning to vote against the quotas, and only 11 percent would vote in favor. The rate of undecided voters only 2 percent.

The study revealed that regardless of their political affiliations those opposing the mandatory quotas make up the majority of both right and left wing supporters.

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