Russian Patriarch Kirill has been invited to attend the Budapest Water Summit

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Secretary of human resources responsible for religion and ethnic relations Miklós Soltész invited the Head of the Russian Ortodox Church Patriarch Kirill to attend the Budapest water summit held in November.

Soltész also announced that the Hungarian government donates HUF 100 million to the renovation of the Russian Orthodox Church in downtown Budapest.

The renovation of the Russian Ortodox Church is very important because it is located in Budapest’s most beautiful spot. Soltész talked about this and several other issue with Bishop Tikhon Podolski, the Governor of the Hungarian Orthodox diocese.

The two sides among other things discussed support for families and the environment. Bishop Tikhon praised the Hungarian government efforts to help families, which resulted an increase of marriages and births in the past six years by 30 percent; during the same period divorces decreased by 10 percent and the number of abortions in Hungary declined by more than 10 thousand.

Soltész stressed that churches worldwide have great respect for nature, and they have a huge role to play promoting environmental awareness. In the spirit of environmental responsibility the secretary asked Bishop Tikhon to forward the Hungarian government’s invitation to Patriarch Kirill asking the head of the Russian Orthodox Church to support the Budapest water summit either by issuing a statement, or by attending the worldwide get together in person so contributing to the success of the water summit.

The Hungarian state secretary and the Russian Bishop also visited the President of the Assembly of Moscow Alexei Saposnikov who informed his guests of a joint project put forward by the city and the Russian Orthodox Church to re-rejuvenate religious life in the capital after 70 years of communist destruction.

This project tells us that in today's world, on the one side there is liberalism and atheism, which leads to nowhere and on the other, Muslim invasion from the south-east; therefore, nothing can guarantee the survival of the peoples of Europe other than Christianity said Miklós Soltész.

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