Swimmer Zsuzsanna Jakabos preparing for her fourth Olympic Games – she must gain a few kilos to increase her winning chances

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Jakabos already qualified for the Rio Games and plans to compete in 200m IM, 400m IM and 200m butterfly; in IM events hers is the second-best time after Katinka Hosszú; in 200m butterfly Liliana Szilágyi has also better times.

"My plan is to compete in all three events. I have a better chance to win in 200m butterfly because at the moment, only a few tenths of a second separate my best time from that of Szilágyi. The Individual Medley is different. Katinka Hosszú is the world champion of that event – to compete against her will be a nice challenge remarked Jakabos.

My goal is to win; setting a different target would make my Olympic preparation meaningless.

However, to increase her winning chances, Jakabos must gain one or two kilos and she also must increase her muscle mass.

"I do not necessarily like my belly that way, but if a little fat helps I accept that. My target racing weight for Rio is 73 kilos, and I also want to increase my biceps mass" said Jakabos.

At Kazan World Championship she weighed 68 kilos.

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