The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees joins the anti-Hungarian smear campaign

Friday, May 13, 2016

Measures taken by the Hungarian government against migrants have restrictive and deterrent effect according to a report released by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on Thursday.

According to the UN official, these measures against migrants raise serious questions of Hungarian legislative practices that go against European and international commitments.

The report mentions as an example the erection of a border fence at the country’s southern border. The installation of the fence keeps asylum seekers in the so called "transit zone" where they can submit their applications; these conditions however, do not comply with EU and international standards, because asylum seekers do not receive adequate procedural safeguards and their right to free movement is not satisfied either.

The report also attacks the Hungarian government because it declared that Serbia, Macedonia and Greece were safe countries for migrants to stay while other EU Member States had not done so - the UN High Commissioner for Refugees warns against sending asylum seekers back to safe countries.

The report notes that Hungary criminalizing illegal border crossing, and threatens migrants with ten years imprisonment if they cross the border illegally. The practice of speedy trials of migrants who cross the border illegally by damaging the fence is also questionable; courts even impose punishment when the migrant submitted an asylum application concluded the imaginary report on the Hungarian refugee situation the UN official.

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