The US Democratic Party feverishly looking for an opposition leader that can challenge PM Viktor Orbán in 2018 general election

Sunday, May 29, 2016

"Magyar Hirlap" has learned that the US Democratic Party is unimpressed with the current Hungarian opposition - unfortunately, those forces that the Americans favor lack charismatic leaders. The Americans however, still hoping that in the next two years a strong opposition leader may emerge (out of the blue?) and defeat Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said a source who keeps friendly relations with American liberal-leftist circles but requested anonymity.

American liberals are utterly disappointed with their former client Former Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai who couldn’t make a dent on the ruling Fidesz party in the past couple of years.

The Americans realized that by bankrolling a pipsqueak was a major mistake - money thrown out of the window. Bajnai has no charisma or talent necessary to challenge Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Bajnai by realizing his limitations announced his retirement from active politics; but before he stepped down, he created a party called "Együtt" – a recreational party for Hungarian-haters – which is so blatantly anti-Hungarian that it has zero chance to win seats in the next parliament.

According to the source, the Americans have learned the lesson from the Bajnai fiasco; now, they are on the opinion that the time is not yet to pick a new puppet; they wait and hope that until 2017 at the latest a charismatic opposition leader may emerge.

The source has said that the Americans have very few options left due to the fact that currently, there is no one on the horizon that can satisfy their needs. Bajnai is a political corps, and Gyurcsany has zero credibility among the general public. (Hey, Americans! I have an idea – Jobbik! If anybody, it is the Jobbik party that can challenge Viktor Orbán.)

The source has also noted that the Americans don't understand why the once "pro-American" LMP party has changed course. (This is a brief explanation why. The majority of the general public understand what the Americans are up to. Therefore, any party that openly align itself with the globalist cause commits political suicide – see the fragmentation of the globalist opposition!)

The Americans still entertain some hope that the socialist party, which is an enthusiastic supporter of illegal immigration still can appeal to voters as they did in mid-term elections in the past couple of months; but, Democratic Party insiders don’t see how the socialist party under its current leadership can defeat Fidesz; so Tóbiás must go. But who will replace him? That is the question.

The source also indicated that if Hillary Clinton wins the November presidential election, US-Hungarian relations will certainly not improve. Hillary’s husband, former President Bill Clinton recently insulted Hungary and Poland by accusing both countries with authoritarian rule.