We are witnessing the occupation of Europe - István Mikola

Monday, May 16, 2016

Mass migration is more serious issue than we think - a global solution is needed because the problem is global; currently, we are witnessing the occupation of Europe said Secretary of State in charge of Foreign Trade and Foreign Security Policy and International Cooperation István Mikola following the EU member countries foreign ministers meeting last Thursday.

Europe (certain European countries ed.) should apologize for its former sins - colonization. "Today, it's our duty to help the developing world, in the meantime, save ourselves," said Mikola.

Mass migration is a complex problem, which is also a huge global business. To be able to find a solution to the crisis, the developed world should invest in the underdeveloped regions of the world.

Deportation of migrants is not a solution; it does not work. You can deport a person, but "you can not deport millions of people" he said - they can hardly go back to their country of origin, because the situation in those countries has changed radically since they have left."

In Africa alone at least 60 million people are ready to leave their homeland and move to Europe. Therefore, hammering out a solution to this massive problem is a vital interest of the whole world; we also have to draw up plans to reconstruct the poorer regions of the world. Reconstruction doesn’t mean only to clear away the rubble and trigger an economic recovery in certain countries, but also the reorganization of the entire political and social system of particular regions said the Hungarian politician.

One way to approach the migration issue is to implement the Schengen 2.0 action plan worked out by Hungary; it can play a key role in ending the migration crisis as the initiative aims to treat the root causes of mass migration.

The Schengen 2.0 action plan among other things, proposes the separation of legitimate refugees from economic migrants to create a controlled process of handling the influx of migrants. The Schengen 2.0 action plan has a potential to offer a real solution to mass migration that threatens Europe’s cultural identity. If we let everyone in, the migration crisis won’t go away meanwhile, we may lose everything in the process said the Hungarian politician.

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