Afghan man was put on a speedy trial for indecent exposure

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A 39-year-old Afghan man was put on a speedy trial on Wednesday for indecent exposure in a Bicske tobacco shop said Jászberényiné Király Teodóra, Fejér County Prosecutor's Office spokesperson to M1 TV station on Tuesday.

The suspect was under subsidiary protection while committed the crime. The man entered the tobacco shop and started masturbating in the presence of a salesgirl who immediately alerted police. The suspect was arrested near the tobacco shop.

During interrogation the Afghan man told police that they should be glad that he didn’t rape the salesgirl.

The Mayor of Bicske Károly Pálffy asked the government to close the refugee reception center in the town. "We were very patient in recent years, but unfortunately we got to a point where the refugee situation crossed our tolerance threshold," - he added.

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